Database Solutions

A database is at the core of every business application. It is important to ensure it maintains the highest levels of availability, performance and security. Many companies have a need for a full-time database administrator, but cannot justify the cost. Trilogy offers high quality database services – remote support, day-to-day maintenance and monitoring of your SQL or Oracle databases at an affordable price, giving you complete peace of mind, greater efficiency, scale and performance.

The Database team at AumAven have proven capability in delivering comprehensive solutions for various databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

AumAven consultants have vast experience in delivering MS SQL Server and Oracle database projects; from the smallest enhancements right through to full Oracle E-Business Suite installations and upgrades. We have development project skills for those times when out-of-the-box solutions will not suffice.

Our experienced team of developers, administrators and analysts have provided quite a few cost effective solutions that have helped many customers gain huge benefits from their products.

Benefits of Our Database Services

  • Save money by outsourcing these database services is a fraction of the cost of a full time specialists
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technology with access to the pool of expertise at AumAven
  • Services on-call when needed, for example upgrades, expansion, changing applications
  • Maintain performance levels
  • Full visibility through AumAven strict qualitative methodologies and full documentation
  • Data Warehousing Services

    Fundamentally the tools, technologies and methodologies that would be needed for creating a data warehouse, Data Warehousing aids organizations to gain a lucid picture of their entire processes and operations. A subcomponent of Business Intelligence (BI), integrating a data warehouse into an organization’s infrastructure facilitates flexible access to data collected from diverse systems, helping businesses to stay better informed at all times. A development process that would include the extraction of data from multiple systems, data warehousing involves the integration of databases across the organization, thereby enabling a more comprehensive and flexible access to information at any given time.

    Benefits of Data Warehousing

  • Access to history enables comparative and competitive analysis
  • Provides a back up source to data enabling disaster recovery
  • Data from multiple sources aids in executing better business decisions
  • Increases productivity through access to pre-calculated reports and graphs
  • Simplifies reporting & analysis by identifying inconsistencies in data
  • Effectively enhances the value of operational business applications
  • Services Offered :

    • Consulting
    • Customization
    • Configuration
    • Support