Industry Oriented Trainings

AumAven Industry Oriented Trainings is an approach to learning from an industry perspective where traditional process of application development, testing from actual real world scenarios.

Most of the employers are looking for experienced candidates. We, at AumAven offer Industry Orientated Training Programs which will give our trainees a real industrial exposure and not just a course. The trainees will be considered similar to our employees and are will be given assistance in project work. Additionally, they will be given training on various job related aspects to give them an advantage in placement opportunities. If you are looking for an Industrial Experience, this is the best option for you

Most of the lessons in Aumavens trainings will be conducted for on job professional. All the training given would be by online classrooms. Experience certificates will be given to all the trainees who complete the full training schedule.

Admission: Maximum batches of 20 people per course. Dates will be decalred before the course starts

We bring to you best Industry oriented trainings that you can rely on